Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Surprise Frog

Today's walk: Birchmore Trail, Phase I

Location: Memorial Park

Difficulty: A bit hilly and rugged in spots.

Distance: Map says 2.25 miles, my pedometer says 2.

How to find it: It's behind the administrative building, next to the entrance to Bear Hollow. There are also some entrances from Gran Ellen, Lumpkin St., and Milledge Terrace.

Map accuracy: Fairly good. There's a shorter loop on the near side of Gran Ellen which isn't shown on the map.

Condition of the trail: This section of the trail is well-used. There are some tree falls, but no big obstructions. The ruggedness is due to the terrain; there are steps and hills. You also have to cross Gran Ellen twice.

Critters: Not as many as at the big pond, but there are some creekside bits and a small pond. I startled a frog. It also startled me.

It's a nice walk, with a bit of up and down for exercise. It goes near Lumpkin St. at one point so there is traffic noise there, but for the most part you are walking through a wooded valley along a creek. Sitting on a rock in the midst of flowing water is one of my favorite things to do, and there are several opportunities for that along this trail.

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