Selected Clips

Food Reviews

Is it tasty? Is it crunchy?

First Look: The Lost Druid Brewery in Avondale Estates  "It’s a Golden Retriever of a beer…friendly, mellow, lovable, and comforting. Good dog."

First Look:  The Deer and the Dove and B-Side  "I've yet to go wrong with anything I've eaten there."

Pinewood 2.0:  Decatur restaurant under new management, but how's the food?  "I have a love-hate relationship with bourbon."

Local News  

I go to meetings so you don't have to. Also sometimes there are horses.

"...Yeoman felt well enough to get on a plane to Orlando later that morning. Why he wasn't deemed well enough to go to jail is still unclear."

Emory University hosts panel to discuss the future of Atlanta  Racial disparities, the gap between rich and poor, and education shape the present and will shape the future.

Parents:  City Schools of Decatur's plan to address racial disparity in schools is not enough, immediate action needed.  “We have met for two years and attended every meeting we have been asked to, but our children still suffer. Enough is enough."

How did a horse farm become part of DeKalb County's park system?   In which Gracie the mare is disappointed in us.