Monday, August 29, 2011

Yay publication! For me, and maybe you...

My poem "Owling" (first published in Jabberwocky 5) was accepted for the feminist speculative poetry reprint anthology The Moment of Change.

I am being all cool about it but in reality when I first heard of this anthology I squealed like a very feminist little girl and sent off all of my poems that fit the criteria. I then spent long, agonizing months NOT pelting the editor with questions about how it was coming along or posting things on my blog (which she reads) such as "If I don't get into this anthology I will CRY."  That is because I am a professional. 

She is still looking for some poems that deal with trans-, genderqueer, or gender-change themes to round out the anthology.  They must be speculative (fantasy, SF, slipstream, magical realism), feminist and must have been previously published (reprint anthology, you see).  More about what she is looking for here.

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