Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Mr. Trump's Cabinet of Horrors, Letter #19


Dear Assailant-in-Chief,

I don't know if you know this, but there's currently a meme going around where people ask, "as the post-experience Cabinet takes shape, I thought it would be fun to put together an alternative Cabinet among my friends, who I know are at least as qualified as those being named.  What cabinet position would YOU like? Name the post, your motivation, and your qualifications (or your explanation for why your lack of qualifications perfectly suit you to the position)."  This elicits many snarky and hilarious answers, such as "Secretary of Commerce.  I buy stuff."  Mine was, "Treasury. Or Attorney General. I don't have a law degree and I've never worked in a bank but what the fuck. I kept books for a business once."  I went on to say, after someone suggested that I could do both, that I would prosecute bankers and wouldn't THAT be a change of pace...Other people suggested cabinet positions that do not currently exist, but should, like Yo Dude Math Is Real, Civilization As We Know It, and Dogs.  (My friend who suggested the latter admitted she was overqualified, as she is a groomer and dog-rescuer and actually knows a lot about dogs.  Perhaps we could find someone else).

Yes, that's right.  Your cabinet choices are literally a laughing-stock.  A participatory Facebook meme.  Next thing you know, someone will be snarking on it via online reviews.  I thought someone should tell you.  Also, WTF.

Yours sincerely,

Sara Amis
Citizen of these United States of America

PS.  In case anyone decides to come along and pearl-clutch about my language, 1) First Amendment, bitches.  And 2) I'll start respecting the office of the President when he does.

From Dorine Jennette:

Please join me in bombarding the Assailant-in-Chief with letters: I will write to him every day through his first 100 days in office, maybe longer if momentum holds. I am asking others to write just ONE letter. Let's not just vent our grief to each other--let's speak truth to power together. Please WRITE and please SHARE this plan with your friends. Pass it on!
You do not need to be a woman or an assault survivor to address the Assailant-in-Chief as such. If you are a man who has a daughter, a sister, a wife, a woman colleague or friend you respect, or a mother (hint: that last one is all of you!), then you have something to say to the Assailant-in-Chief. Your letter might be a brief one-liner. That's great! Please send it! Women need our allies now. Here's the link to DJT's contact page--this might take you one minute or less!
Or, maybe you will start a related project addressing any one of the many groups Trump has already harmed . . .
As we talk with each other, let's break the bubble and also send our complaints straight to the source. He won't read them and won't care if he does, so probably this is a placeholder action while we figure out what we're really going to do . . . but it's something.

Dorine's posts can be found here:

PS from Sara:  I've taken to just tweeting these at him.  He's not going to read them anyway, but I might as well use the platform that he actually responds to.  *snort*

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